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Making the future
fair together.

Our work is about something bigger than winning rightful compensation. Each area of our practice is an opportunity to empower people. We see public interest cases as essential tools of democracy, offering representation and participation to people who would not otherwise have the ability and resources to tackle these issues on their own. Our partnerships with everyday citizens serve as a healthy check on power and drive meaningful change that makes society safer, freer, and fairer for all.

Appeals & Writs

In litigation, trial and district courts sometimes make mistakes that need to be reviewed on appeal. Following up on a potentially erroneous ruling means greater fairness not just for our clients, but for those who come up against similar situations in the future.

Sexual Assault

Sexual violence occurs under the eye of educational, religious, professional, and government entities, and in virtually every aspect of our lives. Together with our clients, we amplify the voices of survivors and achieve justice for some of the most marginalized members of our society.

Fertility Negligence

Clarkson aims to help families recover from the trauma of fertility negligence and mistakes made during the IVF process. We prioritize our clients’ confidentiality while holding companies financially accountable for their misconduct, leading to long-term institutional change that promotes safety and transparency within the fertility industry.

Securities Class Actions

The market can be a powerful tool for financial growth that benefits businesses and consumers. But when companies engage in fraudulent or deceitful business practices, investors are often left holding the bag.

Employment Law

All work deserves fair compensation, and all workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Employment class actions are some of the most powerful tools we have to fight discrimination, harassment, wage and time violations, mass layoffs, and other workplace injustices.

Mass Arbitration

When a company insists on using private arbitration to resolve disputes rather than allowing consumers or employees to pursue justice through the courts, hundreds—or even thousands—of people can come forward as plaintiffs at the same time, sharing resources and strengthening their cases together.

AI & Data Privacy Litigation

Companies are required to handle security breaches according to the law. When they don’t, data breach litigation empowers people to hold the company to account and compel them to make changes that will help protect the privacy of others going forward.

False Advertising

If a product or service doesn’t adhere to claims made by marketing materials, false advertising litigation gives people the opportunity to hold the company accountable and to potentially initiate lasting change across entire industries.

Environmental Sustainability

Consumers, employees, and communities have the right to expect products and services that are safe for their intended use and do not pose a threat to our health or the environment. This includes the right to information about potential environmental risks associated with the use or disposal of products.

Mass Tort Actions

In instances where people are harmed as a result of a company’s negligence, a mass torts action empowers that group to hold the company accountable, recover damages, and help ensure others aren’t harmed in the same way going forward.

Antitrust Law

When corporations get “too big to fail” or conspire with other companies to gain unfair advantages, antitrust litigation empowers people to demand greater fairness and transparency that benefits everyone in the long run.

We imagine a fair future for all people.