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Protecting identities and information.

Ordering groceries, checking your bank account, posting on social media, streaming TV shows and movies, exchanging health information with your doctor—we live in an era in which our day-to-day lives are all but inseparable from the internet. And the companies that receive our personal data through these online activities are obligated by law to keep it safe.

But security breaches happen far too often, and when they do, companies are required to let consumers know in a timely manner. When a company doesn’t handle it the way they’re supposed to, data breach litigation empowers people to hold the company to account. A successful outcome can also result in the company changing how it handles cyber security going forward, helping protect the privacy of others.

AI & Data Privacy Litigation - Clarkson Law Firm
AI & Data Privacy Litigation - Clarkson Law Firm

Fighting for a safe and responsible future with AI.

AI has the power to help and push us forward, but it also has the power to reduce humans to algorithms. Humanity is entering uncharted territory when it comes to how AI will be integrated into our everyday lives—and, with that, comes the need for safeguards.

That’s why we’ve called for accountability from companies like Open AI and Google, who’ve taken the data of millions of users without their knowledge or consent to train their AI models. Our suits aim to hold Big Tech accountable for commercial misuse of their AI products, and to allow for the coordination of a responsible deployment of this powerful technology.

Our case against Match Group—which owns apps like Tinder, Hinge, and The League—challenges the design of dating app algorithms, and the use of addictive features which encourage compulsive use and create addiction in its users.

We’ve also taken on health insurance giants—like United Healthcare, Cigna, and Humana—who are using AI to automatically batch deny the insurance claims of our most vulnerable citizens, because people’s health should not be decided by a formula.

AI & Data Privacy Litigation - Clarkson Law Firm
AI & Data Privacy Litigation - Clarkson Law Firm

Our approach

We believe that AI and data privacy litigation is about more than recovering damages. It’s about protecting peoples’ privacy, their personhood, and continuing to push companies to prioritize security so that the internet is safer for everyone.

Our clients

The people we represent share their experiences because they understand the impact it can have—not just on their own lives, but on the lives of countless others. Our clients take valuable time out of their days to provide testimony, give depositions, and work with our team—all for a purpose far bigger than any one individual.