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Bringing balance
to big business.

Antitrust laws exist to prevent companies from becoming singularly powerful or from gaining unfair advantages within an industry through deceptive means. When a company violates antitrust laws, it often takes the form of monopolizing a market so that there’s little to no competition or colluding with other businesses to fix prices or rig bids.

Companies that violate antitrust laws are almost by definition big and powerful. But through antitrust litigation, everyday people can hold businesses accountable and demand greater fairness and transparency that benefit everyone in the long run.

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Our approach

When corporations get “too big to fail” or conspire with other companies to work around existing antitrust laws, consumers end up getting the short end of the stick via higher prices, fewer choices, and a lack of innovation. Antitrust litigation is about more than just recovering damages. It’s about demanding fairer business practices that ultimately provide people with more freedom as a consumer.

Our clients

The people we represent share their experiences because they understand the impact it can have—not just on their own lives, but on the lives of countless others. Our clients take valuable time out of their days to provide testimony, give depositions, and work with our team—all for a purpose far bigger than any one individual.