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Creating accountability together.

It’s fairly common nowadays for companies to use what’s known as an “arbitration clause” in contracts or terms of service. These clauses, which are often buried deep in the fine print of an agreement, shield companies from liability by requiring consumers or employees to use private arbitration instead of resolving legal disputes through the court system (i.e. an individual or class-action lawsuit). It can be prohibitively expensive for individuals to pursue private arbitration, which is often the point.

Mass arbitration is a way to push back against companies who take this opaque approach. Hundreds—or even thousands—of people come forward as plaintiffs at the same time, sharing resources and strengthening their cases together. Some common areas of dispute covered by mass arbitration include data breaches, illegal charge cases, subscription auto renewal violations, work payment violations, and product liability.

Mass Arbitration - Clarkson Law Firm
Mass Arbitration - Clarkson Law Firm
Mass Arbitration - Clarkson Law Firm
Mass Arbitration - Clarkson Law Firm

Our approach

There’s strength in numbers. We see mass arbitration as a way for everyday people to demand more transparency and fairness in everyday interactions with businesses. In the long run, more transparency and fairness means better products and services for everyone.

Our clients

The people we represent share their experiences because they understand the impact it can have—not just on their own lives, but on the lives of countless others. Our clients take valuable time out of their days to provide testimony, give depositions, and work with our team—all for a purpose far bigger than any one individual.

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