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Helping families with lost or damaged embryos due to CooperSurgical’s recalled embryo media.

If you’re going through fertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), you’re putting all your trust in the clinics and suppliers helping make your dream of a family a reality.

Unfortunately, that trust has been broken for many hopeful parents who’ve been affected by a product recall by CooperSurgical, a leading provider of supplies for fertility clinics around the world.

It’s been revealed that CooperSurgical sold deadly and deficient culture media – lacking a crucial nutrient needed for healthy embryo development – to untold numbers of fertility clinics nationwide. Hundreds, if not thousands, of embryos have been destroyed because of this defective product.

If you have experienced a loss, you might be eligible for support and recompense.

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The truth about reproductive negligence.

While fertility treatments like IVF are a dream come true for many hopeful parents, there is a dark side to this largely unregulated $8 billion industry. Just as the industry has seen fertility clinics cut corners and put profits over people, we’re now seeing similar mistakes being made and quality control compromised by suppliers, as evidenced by a new trend of product recalls in the fertility industry.

For years, Cooper has been concentrating its power through multiple consolidations and then cutting costs in quality control as competition waned. These mistakes and damaged embryos have cost many people their future families, and Cooper has been keeping quiet about its role in this devastating loss.

CooperSurgical needs to be held accountable, and people need justice – which is why we’ve filed a lawsuit.

On December 14, we filed suit against Cooper, after our clients’ 34 healthy embryos inexplicably stalled in their development.Only after the clinic lab director pushed for answers did Cooper admit there was a problem with their culture media. In early December, CooperSurgical quietly issued a product recall to select clinics.

To date, Cooper has not commented on the recall publicly, nor have they released details about which clinics received and used the deficient media.

Since we filed our suit against Cooper, we’ve heard from dozens of families who’ve experienced similar unexplained abrupt embryos loss.

This is just the latest in a series of unscrupulous manufacturers releasing toxic materials into the fertility industry, killing thousands of embryos, and then belatedly and quietly issuing recalls to clinics without making details public to the patients whose families are forever changed by the preventable deaths. Cooper is one of the largest companies of its kind, providing materials through direct distribution in over 20 countries. Cooper, like so many in the fertility industry, has leveraged lax regulation to pursue profits without regard for quality control.

Our Approach

Clarkson's Fertility Negligence practice aims to help families recover from the trauma of fertility negligence and mistakes made during the IVF process. We prioritize our clients’ confidentiality while holding companies financially accountable for their misconduct, leading to long-term institutional change that promotes safety and transparency within the fertility industry.

Clarkson’s Fertility Negligence team has worked on some of the most important cases in this practice area, many of which were resolved confidentially prior to litigation. We have the resources and knowledge to take on CooperSurgical and to fight for the maximum compensation that our clients deserve. Lead attorney Tracey Cowan has nearly a decade of experience negotiating, litigating, and resolving fertility negligence disputes with IVF clinics and associated defendants. She provides her clients with an intricate understanding of the IVF process and legal safeguards, as well as the sensitivity and support they need during a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

Lost embryos in a fertility clinic?

If you or someone you know lost or had embryos damaged due to CooperSurgical's recalled embryo media, you might be eligible for support or recompense.