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Clarkson Law Firms Welcomes New Partner, Tracey B. Cowan

Clarkson Law Firm welcomes Tracey B. Cowan as Partner and Head of Sexual Assault practice.

MALIBU, February 15, 2023. Clarkson announces the addition of Tracey Cowan as Partner. Cowan was previously Partner at Peiffer Wolf in San Francisco.

Cowan’s expertise in sexual assault and fertility negligence aligns with Clarkson’s focus on public interest issues. “Sexual assault, embryo loss, and other intensely personal violations continue to multiply every day throughout the country,” says Managing Partner Ryan Clarkson. “Providing survivors legal redress is a priority for our firm, and we are proud to have a notably experienced lawyer leading this practice.”

Adds Cowan: “I am proud to be at a firm that places a high premium on client autonomy and respect. I look forward to shining Clarkson’s particular brand of sunshine on the corporate greed and indifference that result in millions of incidents of sexual violence annually. Similarly, the largely unregulated fertility industry rakes in millions from hopeful parents without taking basic quality control measures when human life is on the line.

“Together with my new colleagues, I will ensure our clients’ voices are heard, their struggles respected, and humanity valued. By holding organizations accountable for the tragedies occurring on their watch, we can drive long-term change that makes everyone safer.” 

Cowan has managed hundreds of cases involving sexual assault, harassment, and exploitation. Her experience ranges from cases in the rideshare space to revived child sexual assault matters against major institutions. She is devoted to amplifying voices of survivors and achieving justice for the most marginalized members of society.

Outside of sexual assault, Cowan works on matters involving fertility negligence, civil rights issues, financial crimes disputes, and complex civil litigation. At her previous firm, Cowan helped pioneer its practice focused on embryo loss, a burgeoning area of law, and served as counsel on a number of widely publicized cases. Cowan has been quoted in dozens of publications and has made multiple television appearances, including on, FOX, ABC, and CBS.

About Clarkson

Clarkson, a public interest law firm founded in 2014, is made up of experienced trial lawyers, paralegals, clerks, and litigation professionals. We believe the law is an integral part of society’s checks and balances, empowering everyday citizens to create change. Justice means more to us than just recovering monetary damages. Our clients are an essential part of establishing precedents and policies that help protect countless others.