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Embryo Loss: Clarkson Files Suit Against CooperSurgical for Contaminated Embryo Culture Media

Today, Clarkson Law Firm filed suit against The Cooper Companies and its subsidiary, CooperSurgical, a leading provider of supplies for IVF and reproductive clinics around the world, including the media that clinics use to develop patient eggs and sperm into embryos.

For years, Cooper has been concentrating its power through multiple consolidations and then cutting costs in quality control as competition waned. Now, it’s been revealed that Cooper sold deadly and contaminated media to untold numbers of fertility clinics nationwide, killing scores of human embryos. This included 34 developing embryos belonging to our clients—a couple that has dreamed for years of parenthood, even selling their car to finance the expensive effort.

After years of trying, our clients’ dream was within reach, with 34 embryos developing perfectly. Then, the clinic told them that the embryos’ development had inexplicably stalled. Only after the clinic lab director pushed, did Cooper admit the problem, ultimately issuing a recall notice for its deadly culture media. Cooper has refused, however, to make the recall notice public, electing instead to hide the ball from the scores of fertility patients and would-be parents who put their dreams on the line with Cooper’s products. This is just the latest in a series of unscrupulous manufacturers releasing toxic materials into the fertility industry, killing thousands of embryos, and then belatedly and quietly issuing recalls to clinics without making details public to the patients whose families are forever changed by the preventable deaths. Cooper is one of the largest companies of its kind, providing materials through direct distribution in over 20 countries. Cooper, like so many in the fertility industry, has leveraged lax regulation to pursue profits without regard for quality control.

We urge IVF patients to contact their clinics immediately to see if their embryos are safe from Cooper’s deadly material. For those who have suffered abrupt embryo loss, contact us here: